Accelerate the Growth + Flow of Your Company

Overview and Philosophy

I primarily work with new paradigm, social-impact focused companies at any stage seeking to create or maintain exponential growth by creating exponential positive impact—and who are committed to doing it in flow.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I deeply understand the nuances, challenges and needs of growing and running a successful company in the rapidly evolving modern marketplace and my unique set of skills and extensive experience in a wide-range of industries and fields of study allows me to offer the companies I work with an extreme advantage in their market.

For over two decades, I have been actively engaged in cutting-edge research into unlocking peak levels of performance, intuitive capacity, and flow by increasing mental and emotional health on both a personal and group level in order to develop protocols to rapidly train individuals and teams in next-generation, consciousness-based skills to thrive and succeed in the rapidly shifting, extraordinary times we live in where agility, innovation, whole systems and whole person thinking, and adaptability are key.

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Key Areas of Expertise & Experience

Consciousness & Human Potential Research – 20+ years
Developed multiple field-validated modalities and cutting-edge frameworks for significantly improving mental and emotional health and accelerating healing and human psycho-spiritual development. Published critically acclaimed, original research into the structure, function and mechanics of the human psyche that outlines a grand unified model of healing and psycho-spiritual development that integrates both scientific and transpersonal insights into human consciousness and has wide-ranging practical applications in a number of fields. Extensive experience facilitating deep and lasting healing and transformational experiences for individuals and groups.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation – 10+ years
Founder / Co-Founder of 4 companies, deep expertise in identifying emerging trends and technologies, ideation, growth strategy, product design and development, fundraising, achieving product/market fit, architecting successful, agile go-to market strategies, evolutionary company culture and org structure design, systems theory, M&A and hiring.

Marketing, Media & Digital Strategy 10+ years
Deep expertise and a track record of success in behavioral psychology, copywriting, content and email marketing, growth hacking, ecommerce and conversion rate optimization, PR, branding, SEO, social media marketing, UX/UI design, advertising, media/content/film production, analytics, multichannel strategy, audience/customer growth and retention strategies and PPC campaigns.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & DeFi – 10+ years
Early adopter of blockchain technology, deep understanding of blockchain / crypto / defi systems, technology, tokenomics and market trends.

Sustainability, ESG & New-Paradigm Systems Design 15+ years
Degree in Environmental Science & Sustainability (UCSB), deep knowledge of sustainable and alternative tech, ecological design principles, ecosystems science, renewable energy and agriculture.

Key Roles and Advisory Positions

Circa 2010-Present


Flow Consciousness Institute, Co-Founder

The Flow Consciousness Institute is one of the world’s leading research and training organizations focused on developing cutting-edge tools for unlocking human potential.

Key Achievements: Developed and launched the Flow Consciousness Methodology and the Flow Mastery training series having reached over 10,000 people in 19+ countries worldwide since its inception. 


Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Co-Founder

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is a leading conscious media platform and publisher of solutions-focused, transformational content.

Key Achievements: Leveraged my deep knowledge and expertise in the domains of holistic health, consciousness and personal/spiritual development and extensive background in SEO, social media and digital marketing strategy to create one of the leading wellness-focused media outlets reaching over 3 million people per month worldwide, distributing a mix of lifestyle and transformation-focused content and physical/digital products.


Be Green Packaging, Director of Marketing

Be Green Packaging is a leading global manufacturer of high-end compostable packaging working to create sustainable alternatives to plastic.

Key Achievements: From 2011-2015, I served as Director of Marketing where I single-handedly built the fastest growing division of the company to multi-million dollar yearly revenues, outpacing growth in all other divisions combined, including those working with Whole Foods, Proctor and Gamble, Google and Samsung. Supported company founders and managing team in a successful exit to a private equity firm in 2015.


Sun Potion Transformational Foods, Advisor & Growth Strategist

Sun Potion is an up-and-coming, high-end tonic herb, superfood and organic wellness brand in the rapidly growing natural products sector.

Key Achievements: From 2011-2017, I consulted and advising Sun Potion on digital marketing, e-commerce and overall business strategy throughout their journey from early stage startup to internationally renowned premium superfood and herb lifestyle brand with consistent double digit year-over-year growth culminating in over 8 figures in sales.

If you would like further information on my advising and consulting services or to discuss working together on your project, please contact me here.